What the Logo Means
The black outer circle represents the shell we are encased in for pretty much our entire life. It is the reality we have been taught to believe who and what we are. This layer of life is almost impenetrable and consists primarily of our negative thinking, limiting beliefs, and wrong choices.
The second inner white circle embodies our unlimited potential. The challenges of life.
The innermost circle is the world we live in; yin/yang, are the polarities, dichotomies, contradictions, and opposites we get to choose from in our daily lives.
The two colors, black and white, is how we often look at our conditions in life. The different shades of grey we perceive only come after a wider range of experiences. This usually happens later in life. The sword is a warrior’s weapon of choice for piercing the illusions of life we experience as our reality. The sword represents love, strength, imagination, creativity, passion, and initiative for creating a better life. It symbolizes our desire to persist, never quit, always hoping our condition in life can change.
The black on white dot and the white on black dot in the yin yang symbol represent the chaos, confusion, frustration, anxiety, worry, fear, doubts, and disappointments we often experience in our lives. A secret to help you through the negative aspects of life, is to listen to your Soul’s Silent Whispers. The quiet inner voice is your pathway to a happier, healthier, successful life.